Tina Rea

Tina just rounded her second year of being a Worship Arts Pastor in Denver. Drums were her first love and she revels in moments where still gets to play. She also tinkers with guitar and vocals when she leads worship.

Tina started QRZ because the need for an artist to continually engage the transcendent is massive. When we do it together, it makes waves. And it makes beauty. She wants this beauty that we create so desperately to help others find the hope that she has found in Jesus.

Tina's current projects are Two Tone Wolf Pack (drums) and playing a little bit of everything (percussion, rhythm guitar, synth, backing vocals) for Vatican Vamps.


Malena Roberts

Malena is a recent graduate and freelance audio engineer who also plays bass for multiple Denver bands. She has a passion for connecting people and connecting with people and wants to make Jesus known in this city. When Tina told her about the ideas for QRZ, she couldn’t wait to help make it happen. Her hope for QRZ is that it will give Denver creatives a place where they can connect with one another while pursuing God, all the while getting to display their God-given creativity with our community.


Tim Gaskins

Tim is the communications director for Calvary Bible Church in Boulder and Erie and loves all things creative, design, and web. He is the QRZ web designer and is excited to see a community of creatives pursue the kingdom in Denver.

He plays drums and sings background vocals for Vatican Vamps.



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